Modern warfare 2019 config file location

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A simple config guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This item has been added to your Favorites.

Created by. Miles Online. Guide Index. Basic Things About The Config. Improving your ping. Improving your frames per second FPS. Its a dream, give it up. They did it in order to prevent further modding and cheating. If you want to hack or host a modded lobby you will need to wait till it gets updated. This means that many commands wont work anymore I dont mean to test which commands work and which dont since the game is inactive and I dont play it anymore.

Some commands will just be placebos I guess.The developer Infinity Ward is back again with a new CoD game. Determining the ultimate settings is a quite hard task, as you might expect, all the parameters are highly individual.

However, we have looked at what the most competitive and professional players are using — everything from keybindings, sensitivity, monitor settings, gaming equipment, and so on.

In short; everything evolves around gettings the highest FPS frames per seconds possible, so you can have the upper hand in combats enabling you to react faster.

modern warfare 2019 config file location

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has gained quite a lot of popularity since their recent live event with a lot of well-known streamers and influencers. If you are a casual player, it might be unheard of changing the settings in-game.

In reality, this can make a massive difference in both performance and FPS count. As a bonus, reducing the graphics and removing clutter can help you see your enemies better and faster before they spot you. The easiest way to get better performance fast is to start with the in-game settings. Apart from hardware, the graphics settings will have the most impact on your FPS count while playing. Some use windowed full-screen mode for faster tabbing out and in of the game.

Use Fullscreen only, this will greatly increase the performance as your computer will have an easier time handling the game. Most standard monitors typically have 60Hz and gaming monitors Hz or even Hz. Which is recommended for competitive gamers. You can get an estimated refresh rate of your monitor here. If you need a better monitor, check our guide on the best monitor for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Depending on your graphics card and monitor, the resolution should be your native.

However, if your computer has a hard time to keep up with decent FPS rates. Lowering display resolution is probably the one setting that will improve performance the most.

Reducing the resolution will result in a less sharp and more pixelated image, but you will gain more frames per second. The ratio of the height and width of the screen, the default is set to auto which will give you the aspect ratio of your monitor. Recommended to leave it like that.

Either way, this is an individual choice depending on your hardware or liking, most commonly or Limits the maximum FPS while playing in-game. Set this to unlimited or match it to your monitors refresh rate.

However, you can cap the framerate for the menu. Texture Quality is the resolution of the textures from the game files. Recommended set to high if you have relatively high video card RAM for best performance. This setting determines the quality of various effects in the game. Many professional players set this to low or mediumonly because the effects will be less noticeable. In a competitive first-person shooter game, you want as little distractions as possible.

This setting changes the sharpness of the textures, mostly from a distance. It has a low impact of performance but if you really want to squeeze out the extra frames, set this to low or medium. Is a rendering optimisation technique, where objects that are not in view of the player are not processing to save resources.

Casts shadows of effects based on light sources in the game. Setting to off will give a small impact in performance.

Getting Started in Modern Warfare®: Controls and Settings (PC)

Especially on lower-end computers. Same as special effects casts shadows of objects. Lowering the setting will give a small impact on performance. Set to medium to high for some FPS gain.It is a reboot of the original Modern Warfare trilogy. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the sixteenth game in the Call of Duty franchise, the fourth game in the Modern Warfare series, and Infinity Ward's second to be developed in a three-year development cycle.

Announced on May 30th,the game was released on October 25th, Upon returning to the Modern Warfare series, Infinity Ward set out to create a game ripped straight from the real world terrorism that exists in modern-day A week before the game's reveal, studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki and single-player director Jacob Minkoff explained to journalists this new game as a more mature, authentic and relevant Call of Duty game that's not a superhero caricature, but instead, a down-to-earth representation of the realities of being a soldier.

In an interview with GameSpot, Kurosaki was asked what re-imagining the story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to be relevant in the world today means to him and what are some of the key inspirations. Kurosaki responded "Sure, well, the original game was ripped from the headlines.

But it was ripped from the headlines of And now, here we are 12 years later, and the world has further changed. I would say that compared toOperation Iraqi Freedom or whatever it was, that was a kind of traditional warfare. Those were guys in tanks, fighting other guys in tanks and Jeeps, and this side wore this uniform and this other side wore a different uniform, and this side flew this flag, and the other side flew the other flag. Today, modern warfare means that the war isn't just over there.

That the war is everywhere. It's in our own backyards. It's in places that can suddenly become a battlefield at a moment's notice. It's about enemies who don't wear uniforms. It's about civilian collateral damage kind of being, unfortunately, part of the equation. When we set out to make this game, we asked ourselves a very literal question.

We just said, 'What do the words modern warfare mean in ? And for us, it meant that a busy city center could be the site of a terrorist attack. That a residential compound could be the safe house of a terror cell, that commandos have to go into and eliminate the cell. It means that it's not the only sort of John Wayne-style American G. Where families are hit by airstrikes and people have to pick up the pieces by picking up arms and fighting for their own independence.

That, to us, was the definition of modern warfare and if we didn't have all of those elements in this game, we wouldn't be doing justice to that name. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the Modern Warfare subseries that takes characters and themes from the original series and presents them in a modern light. Modern Warfare is said to deliver an emotionally charged and intense campaign that shines a light on the changing nature of modern war.

Locations include London, where a terrorist attack occurs at the start of the game, and the fictional country of Urzikstan. The plot is linear.

Multiple characters are playable, each with a different perspective on the conflicts at hand. The plot is designed with a lot of references to the original trilogy, indicating that the action happened in a similar alternative universe. At the end of the campaign, Price formed a new Task Force with many of the original members. Many in-jokes were preserved as well. Barrel: Kilo Singuard Arms Ditching class-based combat from previous titles, the game aims to accommodate all play styles by providing more customization options to the players, featuring deep weapon augmentation in the Gunsmith and replacing Specialists with Operators.

modern warfare 2019 config file location

Modern Warfare is also the first game in the franchise to feature crossplay across consoles and PC. On September 17th,Activision revealed that Post-launch gameplay content, including new multiplayer maps, new multiplayer modes as well as new Special Ops missions will be released simultaneously across all platforms.

It allows players to augment any weapon in a loadout with various customization options, including up to 60 attachments to pick for each weapon.Call of Duty: Modern Warfareafter much anticipation, finally came out last week. The new entry re-imagines the franchise in a much darker and grittier setting.

Infinity Ward has gone back to what made Modern Warfare so great in the first place and has given the series a much-needed makeover. In addition to that, the single-player campaign is being described as one of the best in the series. This is due to the fact that players will have to make choices that will determine the outcome of the story. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also sees the return of some fan favourite characters like Captain Price.

Other than the single player, the multiplayer mode has also been revamped. The maps are now much bigger and, without jetpacks, mobility is reduced. However, the slower paced gameplay has been requested by fans for a very long time. We also have a bunch of new additional game modes to spice things up in multiplayer. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has managed to become the most successful Call of Duty game of this generation.

Despite that, the game is ridden bugs and performance issues. Players on all platforms have reported multiple issues with the performance of the game. This is probably because of a bad optimization job by the developer but thankfully, a lot of these issues can be ironed out by adjusting a few things on your end. So, here are a few fixes that you could try in order to get rid of performance related issues on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Before we dive into potential fixes, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your PC is even capable of running the game smoothly. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a visually stunning game and thus, is also very demanding.

Here are the minimum system requirements for the game:. Storage : GB of available space. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is still a relatively new game.

On the other side, AMD released its newer drivers too as the game came out. While these may not eradicate all of the performance issues within the game, they will at least minimize them. You can download these drivers via the links given below:. Sometimes when a game boots up, it decides to use your integrated GPU instead of the dedicated graphics card.

This is a widespread issue that most people have to face, especially those with laptops.Sign up to maximize your game experience with the latest intel and a deeper connection to the Call of Duty Community. Find out where to redeem codes and how to access or get help with your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bonus content.

Link your Call of Duty and Battle. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available in three digital editions and two physical editions. What to do if you experience game crashes or freezes while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Activision Support is ready to answer all your technical and gameplay questions, and solve problems with your stats and in-game items. For help with these topics and more, visit Activision Support.

Log In. Can't log in? Not a Blizzard customer? Overwatch League. My Tickets. Contact Support. Select a category from the options below. Help Resources Register for a Call of Duty Account Sign up to maximize your game experience with the latest intel and a deeper connection to the Call of Duty Community. Link Your Battle. Improving Lag and In-game Performance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare How to reduce or avoid lag and other factors that can negatively affect performance.

Contact Activision Support. Community Answers Get help and tips from your fellow gamers. Published by. Developed by. English US. Contact Us. All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.I dont want to mess up my muscle memory either games.

Seeing the discrepancy kind of bothers me. I tried to play both games at the same time but my pc cant handle that level of multi-tasking. Both games of my games are using default monitor distance coefficient, and i was wondering I should change COD's to match destiny 2's.

Appreciate the help. The Fovs are goodthere is also this new auto match fov that has been added that can be useful if you are not sure what you are looking for. Based on BFV description and how it says instead of instantly using the zoomed sensitivity i would say it is the same mechanic as Gradual.

I can't tell you what will feel right for you, but Legacy was previously broken in the game where the coefficient was applied when legacy was on, but it's fixed now so I will add support for this again. Gradual is the most intuitive yes, the others can result in a sudden sensitivity increase or decrease. Both methods will work with the selected matching method, which one is most preferred I'm not sure. If Legacy and Relative with 0 Monitor Distance Coefficient are supposed to be the same, how come the calculator gives different values?

It's only the same if you set the FOV to 65 Hdeg which is Legacy ADS sensitivity support is back in the calculator! Legacy will be quite a bit faster for aims than relative at 0 if you play with increased FOV. It depends on what you are used to, but if you play with the default FOV 80 they are almost identical. It depends on your relative aim sensitivity settings in Overwatch, but relative would be better than legacy most likely. I mean, I don't know anyone who would be on this website that chooses to use the same FOV as what consoles are restricted to.

The idea behind the legacy option is to have ADS and scopes behave like they did in old CoD games where you didn't have separate sensitivity for them. So for those who are used to that the legacy option is what you would use. Hey guys have a small question if anyone is able to help?Test My PC. FPS Tools. System Requirements. System Requirements Announcement News. Low vs Ultra Screenshots. Some games cap their frame rates for various reasons. This section holds the data for how to unlock the frame rate cap.

Please present the data as concisely as possible using a bullet-pointed list. There should be one instruction per bullet point.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

At the end, also include possible adverse effects of frame rate unlock, if applicable. The save data location section holds two different types of data: the location of save game files and location of configuration files.

Save game files store game progress and can be used to make backups of progress in a game, or to share your progress with others. Configuration files can store a number of customisation options, including various graphics settings and custom keybindings, making them an important resource for game tweaks. For an example of how this data should be presented, please use our Far Cry 5 wiki page as a guide. Please follow this structure in order to avoid your submission from being removed.

The graphics settings section holds the data for all of the individual graphics options that can be tweaked in a game.

modern warfare 2019 config file location

Graphics Settings are distinct from Video Options, which holds data on resolutions, frame rate caps, V-Sync support, etc. Typical Graphics Settings include shadows, texture detail, reflections, ambient occlusion, environmental details, volumetric effects, etc.

The Video Options section holds the data for all of the video options that can be tweaked in a game. Typical video options include resolution, frame rate caps, V-Sync support, full screen mode, widescreen support, HDR support etc. In most games, Video Options will be in a separate menu to Graphics Settings. This section holds the data for all Audio Settings in a game. This can include surround support, voice chat, volume sliders, and subtitles.

This section is designed to highlight how accessible games are to those with various types of impairments or needs. Its remit is fairly broad but can include hard of hearing options, colorblind modes, language options, customisable control schemes, or support for unique peripherals.



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