Zx10r mods

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. Join Date: Feb Location: Katy,TX. Use to live in La marque and Texas City area. Feedback Rating: 1. Bike s : RSV r Factory.

Gen 2 owners, What mods have you done on your Ninja? I just want to see what else have you done on you bike. Join Date: Apr Feedback Rating: 0. Bike s : gen 2 zx10r street 05 rr track. Mine has a slip-on, aftermarket rearsets, and a DB windscreen. Join Date: Mar Bike s : 07' zx10r 07' zx6r sold. Originally Posted by mz-zx10r. Join Date: May Feedback Rating: 3. Originally Posted by Cortez Its your bike. Mencken When you add emotion to any equation, you can't trust the results-Unknown.

Join Date: Jul Feedback Rating: 7. First item is fix the brakes - they SUCK in stock form even for fast paced street use. You have to use 5MM spacers on the calipers when you bolt them one, but easy to do.

2019 Kawasaki ZX-10R / RR Motorcycle Parts

NO braking issues at all now. Picture with spacers Other things I've done for my bike that is a track day only set-up now: Steering damper fix by P1 to make it functional as the stock Ohlins does nothing functional. It has been a great track bike with just now having about 5k miles with all on the track save for about street miles.

2019 ZX10R Akropovic Full Exhaust Unboxing and Install!

Originally Posted by paniro Last edited by Cortez31; at AM. Originally Posted by Tojo Originally Posted by dudewhrsmybike. The length is important, but fittings are the same.Over the past four decades, Cycle World has honored the Ten Best motorcycles each and every year.

As times change, so do our categories. Cycle World's motorcycle buyers guide is built to help you find the right bike. Compare sportbikes, cruisers, standard bikes, touring, adventure, off-road, and electric by year or engine size. Menu Sign Up. Cycle World. Search Search. The popularity of Superbike racing lifted the bar for production bikes. By Kevin Cameron October 9, Honda Developing Supercharged Africa Twin. By Ben Purvis. By Bruno dePrato.

Pecco Bagnaia Talks Factory Ducati. By Maria Guidotti. By Allan Brown. By Mark Hoyer. By Justin Dawes. By Serena Bleeker. More Reviews. Two new off-road-biased middleweights expand the line for By Andrew Cherney October 7, Not your average custom builder. By Morgan Gales October 7, Kevin Cameron explains the history of the motorcycle transmission. Ienatsch Tuesday. Buying used, making new. By Nick Ienatsch October 6, By Allan Brown October 6, BMW releases details on its best-selling adventure motorcycles.

By Bruno dePrato October 5, Roberto Marchesini, Magnesium wheel pioneer passes. Fork, piston, carburetor, sump, valve, a seal keeps everything in order. By Kevin Cameron October 5, Fold A Paper Daytona Moto2 ! Print out our custom template and fold this paper Daytona Moto2 to life.

By Staff October 5, By Andrew Cherney October 2, Ask Kevin. Does Streamlined Mean Pointed?Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Need advice or want to show off your most recent mod? Post it here! Page of 1. On Off. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

Page of 3. Descending Ascending. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Started by pr0phet00, PM. Raising up the clip-ons - Options? Started by Cooter, PM. TechSpec Tank Grippers by Keendog Started by Keendog42, PM. Started by Andy, AM. Let's put a ZX10R and Tuono in a blender Started by dbsuperbiker, PM. Started by waxon, PM.The original, hardcore ZXR took the world by storm. Light at a quoted kg dry with an arm-ripping bhp according to Kawasaki, it was always going to be lively and attract a certain type of customer.

It was aimed at the racy, track day public and proved to be a big hit. Reknown for head shaking handling when ridden very hard on public roads, most new customers fitted aftermarket steering dampers. Some early models had generator problems which you need to keep an eye on and the wrong tyre pressures or poor tyres can affect scary handling.

A cheap way to increase stability is to lengthen the wheelbase, make sure the rear spindle is towards the back of the arm. The Kawasaki ZXR is effortless and precise. Brakes are incredibly strong too.

zx10r mods

That said fasteners, brake hose connections, wheels, brackets and brake calipers can suffer if used in winter. No major reliability problems have shown up. But all rivals are the same — except the Italians which are more expensive.

The Kawasaki ZXR is minimal but not without a few extras. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Bonkers, absolutely mental, bonkers bike! I have had more bikes than I have fingers and toes to count them on, including 3 Hayabusas, a K7 Gsxra Fireblade, etc etc.

Nothing comes close to this wild animal! The top-end rush is nothing short of sensational, kinda like warp drive on Star Trek. I bought the bike from a dealer, it had an Akropovic pipe on it as well as an Ohlins Steering damper on it.

If you're looking for a superbike with character, look no further.

zx10r mods

This bike will give any modern superbike a run for it's money and then some! It has a visceral quality to it and has kind of turbine like whine sound to it when pushing on. Will make your hair stand on end! Not the most comfortable touring bike, but then it's designed to be.

I did one long 3 day weekend tour on it, doing roughly to Km to miles a day on it and by day 3, I was pretty sore. On the positive side, it was really economical, in fact it was more economical than both the BMW GS riding with me. Not quite as much low down grunt as my Suzuki Gsxr K7, but absolutely bonkers at the top.

Not for beginners or novice bikers.

zx10r mods

Needs to be treated with respect. If you poke it with a stick, it WILL bite you! Like I said above, it makes a beautiful turbine like whine sound when pushing it hard.

I had no problems with it whatsoever. I live in South Africa in a dry climate, so we have no corrosion issues here, not sure how they fare in Northern hemisphere conditions.

Not much in the way of equipment by modern standards, but that's what gives it so much character! This is an absolute lunatic's bike. This bike is certainly not for a novice as it is brutal and lives up to all the hype.

It's still an ace tool by today's standards. The bike has great brakes, is very light but can be a handful. A steering damper is a must, but still expect a bar wiggle if you're riding hard. The ZXR has a killer engine, ruined years later whilst trying to calm the beast.

Who needs them?The new Kawasaki ZXR scored an easy five out of five; it was surely the fastest production cc bike of its generation. And despite the blistering pace it was actually easier to ride, too. Not for the faint hearted, the ZXR was a true superbike for the road. Owners often changed the gearing to give the bike even more of a kick and address the fact that the stock gearing was a bit too tall. You can either go down one tooth on the front sprocket or up three teeth on the rear.

Power and torque was up with a higher compression ratio Kawasaki were quoting close to bhp with ram air. They were a really quick bike and reliable, they could take a thrashing. The engine was also lower in the chassis which gave it greater stability. Compared to the competition it lacked midrange and usable real world torque but on the track it was a weapon, and won back to back track roads tests against the competition.

Early models had a recall for a faulty regulator rectifier which was done by Kawasaki, so make sure yours had been changed. The shape of the motorcycle was much thinner which makes the bike feel lighter and more manoeuvrable.

Its wheelbase was increased and the rake was stretched which adds stability, yet the ZXR still turns with ease. If you want torque and bottom end power then look away now. The high performance capability of the engine means that it is difficult to stress under normal riding conditions and that helps longevity. The new Kawasaki ZXR was competitively priced, looked the part and was the fastest cc production sportsbike of its time. Still you can always sleep with peace of mind, as build quality was a match for the Honda FireBlade.

Also, the ZXR was the first version to have the Kawasaki Ignition Management system, which is designed to reduce wheel spin under extreme circumstances. After all, the money you save can be put towards other worthwhile mods. Other popular modifications include upgraded grips for added comfort and rearsets for improved ground clearance, adjustability and weight saving. Fitting crash protectors is such an obvious and neccessary mod since alot of ZXR's spent a fair bit of time on track.

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The original ZXR C1H was introduced in and was a snarling, unrelenting and quite honestly terrifying machine. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

Excellent road bike with plenty room to move about A fantastic very capable bike even 12 years on.Almost ironically at the time I purchased this used bike I had a fair amount of seat time on just about every current literbike on the US market except the ZXR. I had just never been in the right place at the right time.

I mean sure I had taken one up and down the street for a quick test ride etc, but I had not been able to swing a leg over one and ride it in anger on the track as I had so many other bikes. My thoughts are it blows the other bikes away. The crossplane R1 is a novelty turd that requires a massive influx of cash and parts to make it competitive, the newer CBRRR's are great streetbikes, but terrible racebikes requiring a constantly changing variety of chassis and suspension parts along with the prerequisite testing to make all of it work together and even then they still suffer from a lot of front end chatter problems regardless of how good your suspension is.

The GSXR is well it's actually pretty damn good, but it's still the same ole cookie cutter gixxer we have all grown to love. The new Panigales are just Italian parts waiting to leak oil everywhere and I will leave it at that. Ultimately The only other bike I gave any serious thought aside from the ZXR was the Aprilia RSV4, but in the end I decided that function would take precedence over form not to mention value for the dollar and the ease of getting spares.

I'd still love to have an Aprilia, but I just don't have that kind of money to throw around. The ZXR is in my opinion the best out of the box turn key trackbike platform there is currently.

Like all the other bikes it needs some help with its suspension and linkage and the ABS is best left to the street period, but all in all it is the most competent package on the market right now for literbikes that are track capable. As much as I loved my old RR I simply cannot express how happy I am to once again be on a current piece of two wheeled technology that allows me to do a better, safer job while out there on the race track. Much of the information and mods below are specific to the Gen 4 ZXR, but there are also some articles and reviews from other bikes that are relevant to the ownership experience of the ZXR so they are included as well.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.

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zx10r mods

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